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This blog has been made in order to let you know the evolution of the Villaguna's project.

You will find here some articles about the development of the Villaguna Residence & Spa project in Koh Yao Noi island, any special offer we can give, and the exhibitions we attend to help the promotion of this project. Some information about Phuket and Koh Yao Noi are also included.
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26-29 October 2009: Article of Marquette Turner's visit

"DAY 2:

Did I mention that it rains a lot this time of year? Well, it does, but it no way does it ruin ones day.

This morning there was a downpour, but the weather is still warm and the people are still smiling. They are always warm and hospitable whatever the time of year.

After getting some business talk and discussions out of the way, at lunchtime we headed to the brand new Ao Po Marina (pictured below) to board Villaguna's private speed boat.

A point to note - when residents and guests arrive at Phuket airport, they will be collected by a chauffeur and driven to the Marina (approximately ten minutes journey). They'll then join the private speed boat and 25 minutes later they'll be at Villaguna Residence and Spa.

Today, however, we went for a tour around the islands before heading to Villaguna.

There are over 800 islands in the Andaman Sea, the majority made of limestone and impressive to say the least. Entering into some of the caverns - some by boat and some by foot - was like stepping into another world. On a stormy day, within these caverns all was peaceful and serene.

Having witnessed the impressive Phan Nga Bay, better known as James Bond Island as it was where The Man with the Golden Gun, the 007 movie with Roger Moore as Bond together with Mary Goodnight (Britt Eckland) facing off against Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) and Nick Nack.

Then on for lunch at the Floating Restaurant Village. This is quite a sight - a village built on stilts above the water. It may not be the most modern of destinations, but the food at the restaurant was as fresh as can be imagined, the villagers were warm and welcoming, and the village doesn't lack for much (the first room we walked passed was a pseudo internet cafe).

Following an excellent lunch, we headed for Koh Yao Noi Island. On arrival, we stepped off the boat onto the glistening sand and the development is straight in front of us. The island at present is home to approximately 4000, and has a few resorts and restuarants and electricity, phone lines, water and of course Wi-Fi (hence how we can blog once again!).

At present, there are two villas that have been completed and they are outstanding. Both the 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom villas have ocean views, private swimming pools, bar's, Sala's, outdoor showers, beautiful hand-made Thai furniture (from the North of the Country in Chaing Mai) and are luxurious and sumptuous.

Progress has also started on the first 4 bedroom villa which will be magnificent and, as with all the villas, fully takes advantage of the stunning location and environment.

The position is outstanding, and now night has fallen and the lights are bouncing off the pool.

We relaxed with a drink (or two) before some business talk over dinner - a fantastic waterfront restaurant where we selected our own fish and they were cooked fresh.

We'll fill you in more tomorrow, with more information on Villaguna, the island and our trip. (-MTLH)" written by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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